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San Antonio Pediatric Restorative Dentist

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Restoring Your Smile

At Kids Teeth Pediatric Dentistry, we do our best to prevent the issues before they happen. But, when restorative work needs to be done, you can trust Dr. Zee to not only provide a clear explanation of needs, but also delivery quality care on services including:


Children’s teeth, unlike adult teeth, have thin enamel and are more prone to cavities getting big quickly. When these cavities are too large or a child has multiple cavities, crowns are recommended to protect the tooth until it’s ready to come out naturally. Dr. Zee will recommend crowns based on your child’s needs and your preference.

Pediatric Dental Fillings

We offer composite fillings to restore decayed teeth and keep your smile beautiful. Dr. Zee will recommend composite fillings if your child has few cavities or if the teeth will exfoliate in a few years. Dr. Zee will take cavity risk and clinical presentation into consideration when formulating a plan that fits your preferences and needs.

Pediatric Restorative Dentistry San Antonio

White Zirconia Crowns

A newer option for children who have large cavities on front teeth are zirconia crowns, and they are the closest in appearance to natural teeth. For children, these crowns are pre-made, and Dr. Zee will evaluate your child’s bite to see if they are a good option. He will carefully select ones that match your child’s existing teeth in shape and color. Luckily, children’s zirconia crowns do not require multiple appointments and can be done without the gooey impressions you may be used to!

Nerve Treatments

Extensive decay or trauma can lead to an infection of the nerve. This most often happens when a cavity is deep within the tooth – close to or in the pulp. The nerve becomes irritated and inflamed, and a pulpotomy is recommended. Dr. Zee removes the infected pulp, leaving the healthy root intact. He then fills it with medication and places a crown to provide a protective seal over the tooth.

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