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Does Your Child Need a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extractions, or as we call them – wiggles, may be needed for a number of reasons. Most commonly, a baby tooth needs to be extracted because of infection or spacing issues.


With the right techniques, Dr. Zee and Our Team can make this procedure simple and safe for your child. Dr. Zee’s three step process will help make this a comfortable experience:

  1. Special Compounded Numbing Gel
  2. Local Anesthetic to Put the Tooth To Sleep
  3. Sedation Options When Needed

Space Maintainers

As a Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Zee makes sure to treat AND prevent problems. Sometimes, an infected baby tooth needs to come out years before it’s supposed to. When this happens, the other teeth can shift and block the adult tooth from coming in.

A space maintainer – or space holder- can prevent this problem.

Wisdom Teeth

With age comes wisdom… and wisdom teeth! They’re not always a problem. But when they are, they need to be removed. The difficulty of this procedure depends entirely on your specific case. But whatever your needs are, the team at Kids Teeth can make you feel comfortable and secure during the extraction. We’ll also provide comprehensive instructions to follow before and after treatment to put you in the best possible place to heal and get back on your feet.


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