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Does Your Child Have the Wiggles?

With the right techniques and proper sedation, we can make your child’s extractions (wiggles) easy and simple. So, don’t worry. There’s nothing to fear at Kids Teeth, our team of San Antonio pediatric dentists can help your child with:

And, we can do this all while making your child feel safe and comfortable!


In children, teeth most often need to be removed because of spacing issues or infections, but this procedure doesn’t have to be complicated. At Kids Teeth, our goal is to make your child as comfortable as possible during the procedure. With advanced techniques, a range of sedation options, and allowing parents in treatment rooms, your child will feel safe and comfortable from beginning to end.

Pediatric dental extractions in San Antonio

Wisdom Teeth

With age comes wisdom… and wisdom teeth! They’re not always a problem. But when they are, they need to be removed. The difficulty of this procedure depends entirely on your specific case. But whatever your needs are, the team at Kids Teeth can make you feel comfortable and secure during the extraction. We’ll also provide comprehensive instructions to follow before and after treatment to put you in the best possible place to heal and get back on your feet.

Space Maintainers

When your child’s tooth is extracted before normal exfoliation due to infection, the teeth next door can move into the space of the extracted tooth, blocking out the adult tooth from coming in. In this case, Dr. Zee will recommend a space maintainer appliance to keep the space from closing. This will help minimize the time your child will be in braces in the future.

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