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San Antonio Pediatric Preventive Dentist

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Prevent and Protect

Prevention is the easiest way to maintain good oral health. And, when you establish Dr. Zee as your Pediatric Dentist, he’ll be able to set your children on the right track to beautiful, healthy smiles.

6-Month Checkups

Regular visits to see San Antonio pediatric dentist Dr. Zee are important because he’s able to give your teeth a thorough cleaning. Specialized dental tools and professional grade instruments help get into the tiny crevices that toothbrushes can’t reach. These biannual checkups help him stay up-to-date on your child’s oral health, allowing him to detect early signs of decay and treat the issues before they become big problems. All kids receive a goodie bag and prizes for their 6 month checkup visits. Bonus: Your child has the chance to have their picture displayed on the Cavity Free Club wall as an incentive!

Oral Hygiene

We all know that brushing and flossing are important. But how often and how well you keep up with your oral hygiene can mean the difference between pearly whites and a bunch of cavities. Brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day is your best bet. Dr. Zee might recommend a fluoride rinse or additional attention to problem areas if there are signs of decay.


Fluoride is a saver of young smiles. It remineralizes weakened tooth enamel and can reverse early signs of tooth decay. Dr. Zee offers in-office treatments during your 6-month checkups, and he may also recommend fluoride toothpastes and rinses to help protect your teeth in between visits.

Preventative care for children's teeth


Imagine a tooth-colored, protective layer over each of your teeth that prevents decay and cavities. That’s what a dental sealant does – protects and prevents. Since sealants are meant to keep the sugars and acids that cause decay out, they are most effective for children and teens who do not have cavities or signs of decay. But, adults without decay can benefit from dental sealants as well.

Athletic Mouthguards

Dental injuries and emergencies caused by contact sports are all too common. Flimsy, store-bought guards can fit awkwardly or even fall out during play. Protect yourself and your smile with a custom athletic mouthguard. Dr. Zee takes impressions of your teeth to ensure a secure, custom fit. With the right gear, you can excel in sports without worry of injury.

Oral Cancer Screenings

It’s never too soon to screen for oral cancer, and one of your biannual dentist’s appointments is the perfect opportunity to get checked out. Dentists, like Dr. Zee, are familiar with the entire mouth, which makes them reliable screeners for any abnormalities. If there’s something that looks unusual, the doctor will help diagnose and get you the appropriate care you need. At the end of the day, having an extra set of eyes on your child’s health brings added peace of mind.

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